Picture update

Fresh out of the womb, and not terribly excited about it.  As soon as he came out, he gave a nice, loud cry to make Mommy feel extra special and relieved.

After being cleaned up a little, Daddy got to love on him on the way to see Mommy.

Daddy got to show him to Mommy up close and personal.  She was delighted.

Special thanks to the anesthesia personnel in the OR with us who took these pictures and seemed to really enjoy doing it.

Papa & Grandmere brought the kids over after the all clear was given and they were fed.

Ge & Granddaddy arrived just after he was born and got to love on him before Abbie made it back from the surgery suite.

Daddy got to carry him back to our labor room and watch the nurse finish the cleanup and checkout procedures.  She also weighed him at this point and we found out just how big this stinker is!

He thought it would be really cool to show just how big his feet are by spreading his toes as far apart as possible.

More Ge and Granddaddy love for Mommy and Malachi.

Mom's first words as she rolled into the room: "Give me my baby!"  So we did!  

Malachi meets his brothers and sisters!

Ace was very excited.

Ceili Rain holds Malachi.

Liam was pretty curious about his new buddy.

Josiah was very sweet and all smiles.

Zoe is checking him out.

Bryant wasn't sure what to think.  Zoe starting to warm up to him.

By the way, did you notice the common thread among the Malachi-meets-his-siblings pictures?
Go look.  Now.  Closely. But don't worry about the last one....

Did you look yet?  Really.  Do it.

OK, Ceili Rain is the common denominator.  She stayed put in that chair until forced out so she could keep an eye on Malachi.

OK, more pictures...

Mommy love...

Bryant got to play with Granddaddy.

Mom, Dad, and Malachi.

Thank you, God, for this new blessing in our family.

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