October Baby Review

If you haven't heard of October Baby, well, you're just missing out.  Mark and I had the wonderful privilege of going to see this movie yesterday while our wonderful babysitter watched the kids (excluding the nursing babe).

October Baby is about a young lady who finds out at 19 years old that she's adopted.  Not only that, but also that she is an abortion survivor.  The movie takes you on a journey as she seeks and searches for meaning in her life and forgiveness of others.

The cinematography and acting are top notch.  Wonderful and amazing.  The heart of the story is just that, all heart.   Maybe it's my post baby hormones but several tears were shed...and I forgot my tissue so a burp cloth had to suffice.

The writers did an amazing job of not playing the "blame game" or criticizing the choices made.  At one point, one of the characters reminds 19 year old Hannah to hate the crime not the person who did it.  I thought that was a very fitting to remind the audience that this isn't just about the act but about what happens after it.  And they played both sides so extremely well...both the post-abortion mom/woman and the survivor.

And when the credits roll, don't get up to leave.  Stay, and hear how the movie has brought healing to one of the actresses in the film.  What an amazing way God used this film to heal her and to portray what was in her heart!

We were quite impressed with how the screenwriters brought in the father/daughter relationship.  As Courageous did, this film really portrayed fathers not as perfect individuals but as strong leaders who, when they mess up, can seek repentance and forgiveness.

I don't think Mark would mind me sharing that this film not only touches women but is also for men.  Mark got a bit choked up at a touching scene between the father and daughter.

I encourage everyone who can to go see this movie.  10% of the profits from October Baby goes to support Every Life is Beautiful which works to support pro-life organizations through crisis pregnancy centers, adoption agencies, and orphan care. 

Go to October Baby to see if the film is playing in your area.

And a bonus, the film is made by two brother filmmakers out of Alabama!  Woot!  Woot!  

Disclaimer:  Nobody paid us to say all these nice things...we gladly forked over one of our children's college education funds to purchase two movie tickets to see this amazing film. Not really...but it was close!

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