Our new stove!

Papa & Grandmere came up the Wednesday before Malachi was born, and wouldn't you know it, our new stove was in so Mark & Papa could install it.  I know Papa was thrilled at all this manual labor (the next day, he continued with the hard labor to get our yard cleaned up...he did an awesome job...although our yard needs cutting again)!

Okay, I know it's a stove...but my dear friends if you like to bake and cook for your family, you'll totally get why I'm so excited.  It's a convection oven!  How cool is that?!  And it's a glass top.  Which means, no more cleaning out the catchers for the heating elements!  Or underneath them.  Oh, and it also has a "slow cook" function on it.  I can use my stove as a slow cooker...that is so cool!  And will come in handy since my kids have decided they like my barbecue made from Boston Butts...I don't think one will cut it the next time I make it!

So, here's the process of how the swap out occurred.
Out with the old.  In all was time for the stove to go.  The broiler was broken and one of the heating elements was overheating.

The kids weren't really anxious to see the new stove...they wanted to play with the box!

Daddy always has a helper...or two.
A few little cuts and Papa had transformed the box into a house.

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