Push Gift?

Back in the day, you know, nine years ago, we called it a New Mommy gift.

Apparently these youth and their new-fangled words call it a Push Gift.  Excuse me while I go color my hair and slip my reading glasses on (just kidding about the reading glasses part).

If you have no clue what I'm talking about, I'm about to share so you can be enligthened too!

A Push Gift or New Mommy Gift is a gift that the husband gives to his wife for going through nine months of morning sickness, leg cramps, and multiple nighttime trips to the bathroom and then laboring and pushing to bring this new life into the world.  It's mostly a piece of jewelry.  The rich families go for the diamonds.  We go for the meaningful jewelry that I love dearly.

This time though, what I'm claiming is my Push Gift, takes the cake.  I got it last month and I now claim it as awesome beyond description!

It's this:

Yep, a smartphone.  And it's got a pink case too.  Just a little nice touch so that I when I drop it for the millionth time it won't break even then.

As I said, it's pretty awesome.  Of course, some of you may remember our introduction to smartphones nineteen months ago prior to Bryant's birth.  I didn't get one then.  But Mark did.  And he was able to keep everyone up to speed on the labor process.

But now.  It's my turn.  Get ready ya'll.   When labor day arrives, Mark, my essentials, and this dear Push Gift will be making it's way to the hospital and you'll be able to read all about it live...well, possibly.  Okay, maybe.  Let's just see how the labor goes shall we?  You know eventually it'll be Mark that updates everyone as my dear enemy "transition" sneaks up on me.  But, oh, will I ever be able to share afterwards...once I figure out how to.

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