New Addition Revealed

So, several people on Facebook guessed it with the last hint.  Here's our latest addition.  A member of our homeschool care group sent out an email yesterday that they had a bunny that needed a home.  Apparently, they have several family members who are allergic to it.  They were offering the rabbit, her inside and outside house and some hay, etc. for a very very reasonable price.  I called Mark on a whim.  We've discussed rabbits before but the startup cost of them kept us on hold.  I really thought Mark would say no but he looked at it logically and realized that we wouldn't be able to find a better deal.  Plus, when you think about it, rabbits are pretty easy to care for.  So, he left it with asking the kids if they would be willing to chip in to pay for the bunny.  Of course, they all agreed.  I also explained that they would have to help care for her and they worked it out to where they would each care for her on their kitchen helper days.  Works for me.

She's a year old.  And to answer any doubts, while Mark may joke that she's stew meat...she is not a food pet.  She's a real live pet for us to care for and nurture, etc.

Her given name was Georgia but, of course, the kids wanted to change it and they all had their own choices.  So, we put all the name choices in a bowl and Mark drew them out.  The choices were:
Trix (me, after Beatrix Potter)
Bugsy (Mark)
Ida (Zoe...she's a hoot..that one)
Beatrice (Ace)
Rosie (Liam...if it's the last thing he does, he'll have a pet of some sort named Rosie)
Rosie (Josiah...he was trying to be he started running a fever today)
Chocolate (my dear, dear, Ceili Rain...she's chocolate through and through).

The winner was Beatrice.  So, her full name is Beatrice Georgia Bunny.  I'm calling her Beatrice GB for short.

I really wanted a Watership Down name but after consulting with mom and looking up the characters, I realized that female characters were few and far between.  Her coloring reminds me of some of the Watership Down rabbits though.

Liam voiced that we needed a boy rabbit so that she could be a mommy.  I quickly vetoed that.  While I love the cute baby bunnies...well, they breed faster than us and I don't need competition in that department!

And yes, my family kept bunnies growing up.  We even had a wild bunny that was best friends with one of our beloved Golden Retrievers.  Yes.  Best Friends.  Those two would run and play all afternoon.  So, this is exciting to see the kids get to be a part of something I experienced growing up.  So far, they're excited.  We'll see how it goes as she grows!

And, our resident animal lover, Bryant, is beyond thrilled.  He sits at her cage and waves and says, "Hi!" to her endlessly.

Ceili Rain does too!

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