Malachi Update 36 Weeks

I do have a very good excuse for not regularly updating around here.  One word.  Illness.  It seems we are trying to go through all viruses before Malachi comes.  While I think that is super great, going through them all in one week...not so much fun.  Some of us have had nasty colds, one had a fever for 48 hours, and then there's the stomach bug and we all know what that consists of.  I could go on and on about our immune systems but why I'm writing now is about the main man who will be the main event in a few weeks (give or take a few...and probably take.  We all know my babies like their cozy nests and have to be forced out).

What I failed to mention in our 20 week blog post about Malachi coming was that the placenta was low lying.  What that means is that it wasn't even 1 centimeter away from the cervix.  That's really close, and if it stayed in that position would have meant a c-section because there would really be no way to deliver a baby  without the placenta coming out first which can and almost certainly results in the death of both baby and mother.  Another reason why I'm so grateful for ultrasounds.

So, with a possibility of a c-section looming over us, we've trudged on through the pregnancy.  And really, there was nothing we could do.  There are no exercises, no special medicines or herbs to take to help make the placenta's just a God thing.  We looked up statistics and we were more reassured knowing that the numbers were on our side.  I believe it was like a 99% that a low lying placenta would "move" as the uterus grew.  I also knew that God knew what was best for both me and the baby.  I just prayed He would definitely give us a little heads up so that we can be prepared.  Trying to arrange care for children while mom can't pick them up is a must in this here household.

So, as the date got closer, today marked the day I would have an ultrasound to see how big Malachi was and to see if the placenta moved.  We've been praying here almost every night and I've had several close friends praying.  And praise has moved!  The sonographer couldn't see all of the placenta because Mr. M is already head down but from the position of it and the position of my cervix, she felt most positive calling it clear and ready for delivery!  I'm still singing praises to God for this.  And guess what else...

This kid's got some hair on him!  Look over on the right side...that little white spot towards the top of the solid black area...that's his hair!  The sonographer and I just laughed.  She said it looked like a mohawk and I've already got one friend getting the hair gel and leather jacket ready for him!  At first, I didn't buy that it was actually hair until she looked at some other things and came back and there was still a big ol' splotch there.  So, either 2D technology has gotten that good or this kid is going to have a do to be dealt with!  It'll be fun to see.  He also had his hand up by his face rubbing his eyes and just relaxing. 

It was adorable to watch and even though she woke him up from a very good nap (I know this because he spent the next 45 minutes kicking, stretching, poking and prodding), I loved every minute. 

We are all getting super excited about meeting this little guy!  Now just pray that an induction will not be needed!

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