Never Boring

I know I haven't posted much but trust me, it's not because we're sitting around staring at each other.  It's been rather busy here.  We're preparing for a baby for goodness sake.

So, for example, this weekend, we traveled a couple of hours away (in cold rain) to some friends' child's birthday party.  Not just some friends.  These are friends from back in Mark's college days (and mine too, although I didn't go to the same college).  It was wonderful to see them all and how much their kids are growing and I'm sure you'd like to see pictures.  But I didn't take nary a one.  Yeah, we were good like that.  I blame it on the rain, cold, and trying to doctor up bruises and bumps from playing in the most awesome indoor three story play place ever.

Sunday, in between meals and church, I worked on some sewing.  My discomfort level is growing a tad so my sewing time is getting very limited.  I did get a cover done from this tutorial I pinned on pinterest (tell me you're shocked!).

'Cept I didn't add the ruffle. Didn't really see the purpose in it. But the pocket. I'm in love with! I can't wait to use it.   And yes it's big so that means hopefully enough coverage of the baby belly while nursing!  I'll show off my version (with all the other fun stuff) when it gets closer to baby time.

I also made a super comfy maxi skirt to be worn post baby (okay, and pre too).  And I found the tutorial for it on...just guess...

Just pretend that's me. Tall, blonde, thin and barely a bump to speak of!  I made this skirt for my Christmas outfit (go to our actual blog to see).  The first time I made it, the waistband was a bit too small and uncomfortable for the bump.  This time, too big.  So, I'm making readjustments again and hope to have it on and comfy by the end of this weekend.  One day I'll figure out how to measure my waist.

I'm also busy reading Large Family Logistics and totally getting overwhelmed in spots.  I had to take a week off for my brain to process and see how her suggestions would fit into our world.  My jump in and do everything but I know that I would go insane with that and getting ready for a baby.  So, I'm trying to apply some things that I know will work a little at a time.  "Rome wasn't built in a day" as they say.  For now, I'll say that this book is a must read for any mom...not just those with a bunch of kids.  I know I'm not going to finish it all this month but it will be complete by year's end.  And, look on here for tidbits that I've gained and will be applying. 

Oh, we've also got house projects Igor and a bike shed and deck decorating and the like...and field trips and school and freezer cooking and the like.  And watch out.  Mark is getting me a smartphone.  Don't ask me what kind.  I'm still not 100% sure.  But it should make labor day quite interesting as we duel blog :)

Yes, life here is never boring!

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