Let the travels begin

As stated previously, we went to Williamsburg in November.  This was my first trip (and the kids too) and we were all so excited.  We spent two days there and walked and walked and saw just about everything.  It definitely was a good trip for us and a great learning experience for the kids.  They only wore their costumes the first day.  Which was good because the second day it was cloudy and rather cool.

The princess in her chariot.

To the stocks with ye!

Sad lot!

Might I say, we went at a great time and were able to see some beautiful fall trees!  Bryant loved the leaves.

Lunch anyone!  This was the only way I could get him to allow me to take his picture.  

The hits for the girls:  The Millinery and the Weaver.  The boys:  the Gunsmith and the Battery.

We didn't stay in Colonial Williamsburg but opted for a very affordable resort, The Historic Powhatan (not paid to say that...we paid them)  about ten minutes away (and a beautiful drive too).  I would recommend searching the travel discount sites for reservations here.  We got a great deal on a two bedroom, two bath condo.  It was a wonderful resort recommended by a friend.  They had an indoor pool and the rooms had a ton of space which was awesome for our size crew.  The first morning we were there, we drove out and saw the swan above just a swimming in the pond.  And then the geese.  Oh my, they took their sweet time crossing the road but it was so neat to be close to such lovely birds!

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