God's Protection

This blog is not just a  place for others to see what's going on but for me to write things so I don't forget.

So, here's what went down this week (besides our normal business that seemed amped up on steroids).

Monday was a very cold morning.  I'm not sure what the outside temp was, but it was nice and chilly.  I delayed getting up waiting on the heat to kick in.  When it didn't, I finally resigned to actually having to get up and get a shower.

It still wasn't warming up when I got out of the shower.  Right before breakfast, I checked the temp and realized it was set at 71 but was reading 69.  Hmmm...not good.

A call in to Mark and by late morning my hero had arranged for a heating/cooling repair company to come out.  They reset the thingamajig but also warned Mark that when that starts to happen that the machine is just buying time before it bites the dust.  He also showed Mark where there was a lot of rust on the inside.  Our unit was 14 years old and we knew that it's time with us was nearing an end.

And so it ended.  After calling and checking and comparing quotes, we got a new system put in on Thursday.   Oh, it shut off again on Tuesday.

While shelling out that much money is not ideal in any case, we saw God's hand and protection all over us in numerous ways:

1.  It wasn't cold.  After Monday, even the temps this past week were very comfortable.  We kept the windows open in the afternoon to cool the house off. 
2.  Since it's between seasons, we were able to have someone come out immediately.  If we were in winter mode, we would have to wait for a week or so.  And the company that did it was awesome!  We were really grateful for their attention to detail, speediness, and general personalities.
3.  We knew that parts of the unit were rusty. We knew it was old.  But what we didn't know until they took it out was that the thingamijigs that transport heat, etc (read:  carbon monoxide) had holes in them.  Which means, we had carbon monoxide seeping in to our home every time the heat ran.  We have a carbon monoxide tester in our home (and I recommend that anyone who has a gas heating system does...it's really a good safety measure), but it never went off except when it needed it's batteries changed.  The heating/cooling guys surmised that because our house is "old" that it's not as tightly secure as newer homes and was letting out just enough carbon monoxide to keep the alarm from going off and us from getting deathly ill.
4.  So, even though carbon monoxide was coming into the home, because we haven't been running it often, we never noticed.  If it had been cooler weather, there could have been a potential for lots of health issues all around.

We are very grateful for our new unit and more than that, that God protected and provided when we needed it (even when we didn't know we needed it).

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