First Haircut

Yes, I've already posted about Bryant's first cut.  But Ceili Rain, in her two years of life, has not had a haircut.  It was growing really slowly.  I finally realized last month that it was getting scraggily and very uneven.  So, when the boys had their haircut, we went to town on hers as well.

It's fun cutting a little girl's who was too excited to sit still.  Not really...but it was interesting.  I think she was more excited about wearing the cape and getting to sit on the big stool.  She really wanted me to use the clippers but I draw the line on those with my sweet girls hair.

So, basically, all  I did was even it up in the back.  She had long hair from birth and then another layer of new hair. 

Almost done!
Ta da!  It ain't exactly professional, but it's done!

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