Seven Update

A friend said we should name the baby Seven in honor of a Seinfeld episode where George decides that his first child will be named Seven.  Go youtube it.  It's totally there.

So, #7 will be nicknamed Seven until he/she gets a name which will hopefully be in about six weeks.  It works for a boy or a girl, see???

I had a checkup today and had to go it alone because a plague was attacking the kids and we didn't want to share it with anyone until we felt we might be in the clear.

I'm just going to confess.  A dear friend let us borrow her doppler to listen to the baby's heartbeat.  We tried it at 12 weeks and again on Monday night (at 13 weeks).  We both felt dumb as dirt because we were both certain the baby was still in there but we couldn't find him/her.  We really weren't too worried that something was wrong because, well, because I'm 13 weeks and still having a bit of nausea.  And it's not fun.

I just knew that Dr. J's nurse or Dr. J himself would be able to find the heartbeat and I was already to focus on the location so I could do the same at home and let the kids listen at their leisure.

Dr. J's nurse tried and tried but just couldn't find it.  She thought she heard it a couple of times, but then couldn't get a good reading. So, since it was late in the afternoon, she checked to make sure the tech was in (because if she hadn't been, I totally was going to demand that someone else do it and do it quickly).  She was.  And, because Seven was acting up, I totally got a sweet ultrasound, which I secretly wanted anyways.  Who doesn't love seeing their baby on screen?  Especially since the last picture I had was a kidney bean with legs.

Baby was there, moving, wiggling, kicking his/her legs.  And the heart was just a going at 164 beats per minute.  And that is, I do believe, the highest little heartbeat we've seen in any of our kids (and I had not had any caffiene before I got there).  But, as the ultrasound tech put it, it was perfect.

It was a quick ultrasound but right as she was finishing up, she snapped a picture of this:

That would be that the baby just decided to take a rest and plopped himself/herself right down to get all cozy and snug.  Mark said it looks like the Dreamworks fishing kid at the intro of all their things (it's on youtube as well).  Either way, I just think it's adorable and we are all getting so excited that our baby looks like an actual baby.  

And, if you're wondering, the hematoma is still there but very, very small.  I know where it is, but it is hard to see if you don't know what you are looking for.

We rejoice that God's blessed us and are looking forward to a fun second trimester!

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