Kids Say...

Well, you know the old addage..  And my kids are no exception!

Ceili Rain
An early morning conversation with the 2 year old princess began like this:

CR:  Where's daddy?
Me:  Where do you think daddy is?
CR:  At work. 
Me:  That's right.  We'll see him after he gets off work after rest time.
CR:  Daddy home all day.
Me:  Not today.
CR:  Daddy has heart.
Me:  Does daddy have your heart?
CR:  Yes (and yes ma'am with correction).

Ceili Rain is enjoying playing a "see ya later game."  She grabs a bag, purse, or any other girly looking baggage and puts on shoes and announces:  "Bye bye.  I be back in a wittle bit."

"Okay," I say.  "Where are you going?"

And this time she answered, "To chuch (church)."

I tell her alright, I'll miss her and then we blow kisses.  Two seconds later she walks back in.

"I back."

"Oh, you are?  How did church go?"


"Did Pastor B. preach?"

"Yes ma'am."

"What did he preach about?"  I ask.


She's also developed quite a fondness for our pastor and has to give him a hug before Sunday school, after Sunday school, and after worship and pretty much whenever she feels like it.  He'll walk around with her for awhile and then she's happy and content and goes on her way.  We tell him that it's his grandfatherly appearance (he's not a grandfather yet and even has a four year old daughter...he doesn't like that statement too much).


Josiah announces to me (with a very mischievous grin):  Mama, you're belly's getting bigger!

Me:  I know.  Do you think it's because I have a baby in my belly?

Josiah:  No ma'am.  It's because you ate a Christmas tree. 

And he goes off giggling.  Today he told Mark that it was because I ate a house. 

And with my appetite, I think I might be able to eat a house or a Christmas tree!

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