in June....
We had lots of visitors in June and the first of July (that's how we like it around here).  And lots of visitors means lots to clean before and after.  Here are two of my helpers in training (no, I did not make them clean the cabinets but they both wanted to and I let them do it...who's going to refuse help?).

Yep, he's the kid behind the clothe in the first picture.  He really wanted a rag so I gave him, sprayed water on the cabinet and he went to town and was every bit as serious as could be.

Josiah enjoyed helping with making laundry soap.  He's becoming quite the chef and every time I step in the kitchen he is right there asking to help!

Ceili Rain learned to ask for help in putting on her underwear.  She also learned it doesn't go over your head.  Oh, and she learned that toothpaste doesn't go in your hair either.  She did a lot of learning in June.

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