Zoe was part of our local homeschool speech and debate club this year.  She's too young to do debate, but they offered classes in public speaking, apologetics, and community platform for children her age.

Community platform presented opportunities for the children to effectively share the love of Christ in our community.  Around Christmas, she helped present a Christmas program and she was Curly Sue and Violet from Charlie Brown.  I, personally, thought she did a great job.  She loves being on stage and performing comes easily to her (no stage fright whatsoever, of course, she's very outgoing).  This Spring, their last performance was in the public schools doing various books.  I was a coach for this and as such, I pulled from my favorite children's books...Southern folk tales.

So, Zoe got to participate too.  She chose to do Brer Rabbit and Three Foots.  Both are deep southern pieces and she learned a lot about speaking dialect and how that should be portrayed to an audience (so they can understand you).  She, again, did a wonderful job!  We're so proud of her!

Such a serious group.  They ranged in age from 17 all the way down to 6!

But, at the end of the day, they are all just a bunch of goofy kids!

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