Shower Curtain Re-Vamp

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The girls' bathroom shower curtain was made of this flimsy sheer type material.  But, it matched perfectly and I bought it four years ago and figured, if needed, I'd swap it out later when it was totally destroyed.

Later has come.  The top stitching started to tear, the hook holes were tearing and ripping the fabric.  I knew it needed to be replaced.  But guess what?!  No one makes shower curtains to match purple bathrooms in a butterfly theme.  I was frustrated with my search.  Then, I decided to get creative.

Here's the shower curtain all spread out.  See the rip in the bottom right corner.  I had started cutting when I realized I needed to document be it success or not.

Here's the finished product:
And here's what I did.  I cut off right below the rip in the curtain.  I measured off the cut height and then cut off the same amount from the bottom.  I'm a big fan of symmetry.  Then, I cut a strip of fabric twice that height.  I wanted it to be extra sturdy for the hooks and thought that reinforcing by folding the fabric over would help. 
I turned the fabric right sides together and stitched the ends to keep it with a finished look (note:  when doing this make sure the fabric is the exact same length of the curtain.  I was pretty close but it was off a bit and I did have to adjust some.).  Flip the fabric right side out and press.

Take the raw edge of the fabric and pin it to the raw edge of the wrong side of the curtain.  Stitch. 
Flip the fabric to the right side of the curtain and press and stitch again.  Then add button holes (another note, make sure you measure the distance between shower hooks on a standard curtain  before haphazardly putting holes in your newly revamped curtain!) the same width as was on the curtain.

All done!  It really was super easy and went very quick. Okay, so it would have gone quicker had I not totally messed up the button holes, but lesson learned.  So, now the girls have a "new" shower curtain, and I can marvel at the fact that I found fabric with the exact same colors as the shower curtain.  Really.  It's amazing how well it matches!  I was thrilled with my find!

Here's another look at the curtain:
And, if you can tell, those hooks on the walls are the most adorable towel hooks I found at Hobby Lobby (disclaimer:  I paid for those and can get excited about them all I want).  I waited until the wall art went on sale half price and picked up four for the girls' bathroom after I had gotten one for a hand towel hook.  I love them.  I think towel hooks are much easier for the kids to hang their towels up on.  And, since the bathroom doubles as a guest bath, there's plenty of room for guests to hang their towels on it.

I cant' believe I just raved on and on about towel hooks.  Oh well.

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