and Keep the Old...

No, I'm not referring to our friends as goes along with the last post..."Make new friends, but keep the old.."  Moving along...

Last weekend we met up with most of the Transue clan in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Turns out that's the halfway point for both our families!  And, that's also a place with plenty of KOA Kampgrounds.

This was our first stay with KOA and while we thoroughly enjoyed it, I believe our camp hosts were a little worried about having so many children.  We all survived and I think they were pleasantly surprised.  They invited us back at least.

We stayed in a Kabin and it was super nice and way easier than transporting a tent.  We did, however, have to bring all our camping supplies to eat and we had to do the community bathroom thing (which was pretty good trek with the kids each time and if we had to go during that night.  That was the not so fun part).

 They lined themselves up to sing a song.  We got a picture!

 What's Kabining without s'mores???

 Yep, they were thrilled we stuck them together.
 Activity for our full day:  Chattanooga Zoo.  It's small, but word has it there were a lot of monkeys loose that day!
 Liam loved watching the animals!

This little monkey was particularly photogenic that day.
 Monkeys watching monkeys...

 Mr. James.  Poor little man had a hurt arm but it just slowed him down.  Didn't stop him though.
Ten points if you know who this little owl looks like.  It's from a book...and a movie.

Monkeys like to climb.

 Okay, stop me if this is not the most adorable picture in the whole world!
Where to next???
 The highlight:  the indoor carousal!

Okay, that's all for now.  The rest will have to come when blogger gets it's act together and I can upload these pictures!

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  1. What great pictures! I especially love the one where they were lined up to sing!