REVIEW: SpellQuizzer and an Apology

First of all, I have to offer up a deep apology to Mama Buzz and the people at SpellQuizzer.  I know that I have an obligation to Mama Buzz and to the company whose product I review and I am deeply sorry for missing getting this review up yesterday.  I try to be extra careful that I get the reviews in on time.  But, for some reason I missed getting this up.  Please, please forgive me.

Okay, now that that is done, let's discuss SpellQuizzer.  This is a homeschool mama of many dream if ever there was one.  SpellQuizzer is a software program that allows a teacher (that'd be the mama in most cases) to input the spelling lists from their specific curriculum to quiz a child.  But, they also have spelling lists available online to import or export with other users.

Now I mentioned that this is a good buy for homeschoolers.  But, I believe parents who have children in public/private or any other school could use it as well.  Just import the spelling list and let your student quiz on it.  You can record specific words in any manner wanted or needed.  Silly voices are a must to get your young scholar to giggle and learn the word at the same time.

In our curriculum we use, Spelling Power.  This software would be a great benefit in that I can record their list and they can take their tests on line.  SpellQuizzer is meant to be used with any curriculum.  On their site, they have downloadable lists for spelling words and at least one other homeschool curriculum.

The software can be used in a 30 day free trial and can also be purchased at SpellQuizzer for $29.99.  I highly recommend this and will be using it to aid in our current curriculum.!

Happy Spelling!

*This is a very late MamaBuzz Review and SpellQuizzer was provided free for review purposes.

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  1. Thank you so much, and no need to apologize; life happens!:) Thank you again!