Change of Plans

A couple of weeks ago,  we had what I would describe as one of the hardest weeks of childrendom.  Every day was a struggle to get going and get things done.  Everyone was yelling and fighting and disobeying.  It was just hard.

So, by the time the weekend came, I was super happy!  And by the time the next Monday came, God started putting a plan into action.

Here's our new plan schedule and it works! 

Up and breakfast. We generally try and eat around 7:30 but that may not always be the case and if we eat later, it's okay.  We try to finish up all our breakfast activities by 8:30 or 8:45 so we can get a few chores done before school work.

While everyone is eating breakfast, I read.  We have a fiction book we read (generally from Lamplighter Publishing or with some character trait we want to teach) and now, we're reading Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends by the Mallys.  Of course, with all that reading, I generally am reading while they are finishing eating, so I print out 21 Rules of This House for them to color while I read.  Honestly, I learn better and listen better if my hands are busy.  And I imagine that's true for my children as well.

After breakfast we do morning chores.  These vary from kid to kid and day to day but always include getting dressed and brushing teeth (very important). 

And then it's school time.  Zoe, Ace and Liam go to the bonus room to work on schoolwork.  I have toys out in the living room (just in view) for Josiah to play with.  Bryant goes down for a nap and Ceili Rain likes to hang out in the bonus room attacking everyone's papers and then settling in to play with a school toy I get out for her.

We break at 11 for outside play or, if it's raining, inside free time.

Lunch is at 12 with me reading some more.  This time it's History and Science and then it's time to sit and read with mom.  This is one of those things I love to do but sometimes it just slides.  And all my children love it too!  Even Zoe.  It's listener's choice.  That means they can pick out any book they want!  And they love reading.  And mom does those silly crazy voices and it makes it even more interesting.

After reading a few books, we practice our handbells (I'll have to post a video soon) and listen to our Spanish.  And then it's time to watch Adventures in Odyssey on JellyTelly and then it's rest time and mommy can get some things done.  The boys now have iPod access in their room and will listen to our daily Bible reading and more Adventures in Odyssey or an audiobook or classical music.  Everyone gets to stirring about 3 and then we have free time or finishing up school time, snack time, and getting dinner ready for when daddy gets home.

And Mark gets to come home to a happy house.  And I don't feel like my heads going to explode in gray hairs or that I need to be sent to a looney bin.  Ahhh peace!

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