Merry Christmas!

Yeah, I know, I'm almost two weeks behind.  But, at least, I'm posting.

Starting with Ceili Rain, we have been passing around a cold bug.  It includes a fever for twenty four hours and ends with a cold...stopped up nose, sneezing, and coughing as well.  Christmas day we were all still dealing with the congestion, but no fever.  Mid morning, Josiah came up to meet and told me he was tired.  Checking his temp, I realized he was feverish.  So, he spent the afternoon on the couch.  Thankfully, it was a pj day!

The day before, we made a gingerbread house.  Okay, we decorated one.  I bought the kit at Wal-Mart and it included a pre-made house with the icing and sugary treats.  Can you spot the chewed up gumdrop???

We set out their St. Nick gifts this year.  They included Trios Castle and paraphenalia for the boys and a doll house for the girls.

That bruise on Ceili Rain's cheek was a gift to her from Josiah as he tried to give her a hug which turned into a tackle which the doorframe stopped.

 Ceili Rain got hairclips from her sister.  This year, the kids drew names and chose gifts from our Sib Shop (things I've gathered at extreme discounts throughout the year and stored away for them to shop through).

 Sometimes paper tastes better than gifts.
Josiah tickled us this year. He drew Zoe's name, but as I helped him wrap his gift, he kept looking at all the things and saying how one would be good for Ace or that one would be good for Liam, etc.  He never once grabbed one and said he wanted it.  When Zoe opened her gift he was right beside her and when she smiled and told him thank you, he got so excited and gave her a hug!

Merry Christmas from our wrapping paper home!

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