In Which We See the Duggars Live (along with a few thousand of our closest friends)

Sometimes, we just throw our brains out the window. A couple of weeks ago was one of those times. Kristina, one of my bestest buds, informed me that the Duggars (the family who is on TLC with 19 kids...and counting) were going to be an hour from her home speaking at a local church. The event occurred the day before our scheduled departure date. It took very little convincing for Mark to agree that we would leave a day earlier and do a marathon drive to get there on time.

We planned to leave the house at 7 in the morning, but didn't actually get out until 8...not too bad for us leaving on a big trip. The drive, thankfully, was pretty uneventful. Multiple stops included to nurse a baby, take potty breaks, and eat. We were about 15 minutes late (not bad for leaving an hour later than planned) so we go to see only a little bit of the kids singing. We didn't get to hear them play their violins but that was okay.

It was very encouraging to hear a mom of many...who, at one time, like me, had many who were pretty young. And despite, a person behind us who felt it her duty to call out a rude comment (which I was, thankfully, only able to partially hear) concerning the number of children they have (like it's anybody's business to begin with), we enjoyed their talk very much. The kids did too.

If they hadn't been so tired from traveling, we would have stayed to meet it was, our children came before our desires and we headed back to Kristina's house for a much, much needed rest...but, here's proof that we actually saw the Duggars:

Not only did we get to see them, we also got to see the crew from TLC, who was just as famous as the Duggars...really...people were getting their autographs, I just snapped a few pictures of them :)

At this point, no one was throwing up yet.

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  1. That is really neat. It is always fun to see "Famous" people in a real world setting. You said that there was someone there making a comment about the number of children they had. It blows my mind that people really think that whatever their opinion is of how many children a family has matters. If it is not your family you really have no need or reason to say anything. I think people just assume that what they think is what everyone else should do.