What We've Been Up To...

I feel horrible that I'm not updating the blog everyday...but it has been a little hectic around here.  I believe when I did my school post, I failed to mention that Zoe was taking Speech and Apologetics through the local debate club.  So, that, piano, Awana starting up and other various extra activities, including actually teaching my kids has been occupying my time.  Oh, and that handsome littlest man who is too adorable...Mr. Bry.

Speaking of which...here's some pictures we took of him when his Papa & Grandmere came to visit.

I caught a smile!

 And the end of a smile...
And getting some Grandmere love!

My "little Bee" as I like to call him (bless his heart, he's got so many nicknames but this one is pulling out in front...basically because he doesn't seem that little), is growing, eating and sleeping like a baby should.  

He's two months old today and, thanks in part to cloth diapers and genetics, can fit into some six month clothes.  He can also fit into some 3-6 month things but is trying to outgrow them.  Considering I just purchased a bunch of 3 to 6 month clothes at consignment...he's going to be in them at least until the weather gets a tad bit cooler (any day now I pray).  

He's super sweet and sleeping anywhere from five to ten hours at night (I kid you not...those 10 hour stretches are awesome because it means I get about six hours of sleep in a row).  He does nap some during the day but nothing regular.  Considering, from research, that baby's sleep just doesn't regulate, physically, until four months, I'm grateful for what he does get.  He's really good at putting himself to sleep or content to snuggle and cuddle and let me rock him (something big sis Ceili Rain didn't enjoy after just a little time).

The smiles are so often now and he gurgles and coos along with them.  He loves to "talk" to us about any and everything...especially between sides while nursing...which causes quite a bit of a distraction in the middle of the night...but, we "discuss" how nighttime is for sleeping and he just coos and smiles, finishes eating and drifts off to sleep!

I will try to get more regular about posting.  I've got several things I want to share but just haven't had time to get pictures and do posts. 


  1. You've been on my mind lately girl. Hope you all are doing good. From the blog, it looks like you are. :o)

  2. We are doing good...staying busy but feeling very blessed! Thanks for reading about our crazy life!