What our week was like...

And that about sums it up!

Ace started on Saturday throwing up.  Twenty four hours went by and no one else was sick but he was still puny.  Forty eight hours passed and still no one else was sick but he still felt puny.  But the, Monday afternoon Liam started moping and then decided to throw up.  As we finished singing during family worship Monday evening, Ceili Rain decided to throw up.  At that point, Mark and I converted beds to towels and passed around the buckets.  We're thinking Zoe had a mild form of the bug on Tuesday because she didn't eat anything.  Josiah, who loves to touch and hug everyone (including his baby sister) and then stick his fingers in his mouth has not gotten it.  I'm not quite sure how he escaped it but he has.

And then Wednesday, sitting in Zoe's debate club with ten minutes to go (she's too young for debate but they offer a public speaking and apologetics course for her age.  I kid you not!  I jumped on that as fast as I could...anyway), I went down.  Thankfully, I did not reveal what I had for lunch to the entire crowd but we high tailed it out of there asap and I made it home and curled up in bed with some horrible stomach cramps. 

So now, we are praying we're all on the mend!  Until the next round of illnesses...

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