Say Hello to My Little Friend

In our morning chores last week, I sent Zoe out to put some cards in the mail.  Upon her return, she did what she always does, left the front door open (the screen door was closed).  I walked into the living room, saw the door open, and started to ask her to please close it but stopped when I noticed something big and brown on the floor.

Hmmm, I thought,  that is a huge leaf she brought in.  I took a few steps closer and realized it wasn't a leaf but a frog.  I know frogs aren't yucky.  I know they are just one of God's creatures and can't hurt.  But for some reason, I also knew I wasn't about to try and pick it up.

So, I called the boys to see if they would pick it up and take it out.  Nary a one volunteered (this is the time I miss living out in the country and near a creek where they can do country boy things).  So, I took Zoe out the back door and towards the front with the intentions of shooing it out of the house.

By the time she got to the front door, the frog had jumped under our shoe bench.  The bench is too long to pick up and shoo him out (especially since my brave knights wouldn't fight for me), so I did the sensible thing.  I called Mark.

He laughed and told me to move the bench away from the door and put a bucket on top of him.  I put the phone on speaker so Mark could laugh at our adventure and found the necessary supplies.  Since I couldn't move the bench and place the bucket at the same time, I handed the bucket to Ace and asked him to put it over the frog.

It's at this point that all children who are capable of walking (that's five if you've lost count), were gathered around the bench awaiting the viewing of "the frog."    I moved the bench and as I did so Ceili Rain plopped down next to the frog.  She had no clue what was going on and just sat there.  Ace froze and wouldn't drop the bucket.  Even after much encouragement, he wouldn't move.  I grabbed the bucket and plopped it on him.

Then, after talking to Mark, I grabbed a file folder and pushed it under the bucket while "the frog" hopped on top of it.  And then I (all alone but with five little followers) carried the folder, bucket and frog outside to where his home should be.

After lifting the bucket, it was at this time that Liam bucked up and got the courage to touch the frog.  He touched it several times but never picked it up.  My poor, sheltered, posh little boys.  Next summer we shall spend every day in the woods chasing and identifying different creatures of various sizes.  Yeah's too hot for mama to do that!  Oh Mark...

Our Little Friend

Liam got brave after the frog made it out of our house.  He decided to touch it.  Several times.

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  1. Love it! I remember our first year here when a lizard got in the kitchen. Luke was trying to help me, Paul was laughing at me (via phone too) and somehow we got the thing caught in the SINK! I ended up opening the window and stepping back, being quiet and waiting for it to leave on it's own! It did. NOW there is a mouse in my house somwhere!!! I miss the country too.