It's been a few weeks.  I've collected a few more sayings from Liam...enjoy!

Talking with Ace about his bike that he received as a Santa gift last year...
Liam:  You know, I got that bike's that guy's name?


Liam: Daddy, when I grow up and my belly gets big, I'm going to have a baby.

After allowing them to watch a movie in my room in the middle of the day: AWESOME! Mommy, you're awesome!

(if that's all I have to do to be awesome, so be it)

Liam marched into the kitchen from his bed one night and announced:

"I have two things to tell you. First, Josiah called me a poo poo head. Second, I want to go to sleep."

And as he walked back to bed, "I know how to go to sleep Daddy."

Mark mumbled something.

Liam:  "Turn my light off."

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