How Does Your Baby Grow...2 mths

So, I took Bryant & Ceili Rain in for well checks on Friday.  They are both growing on target and doing well.

Here's Bry's stats and since he tied Josiah for weight and height at birth I'll throw his in to compare and for fun, here's Ceili Rain's

             Bryant                                   Josiah                                 Ceili Rain
Weight  13 lb 12 oz (90%)                 14 lbs 13 oz (97%)             13 lb 12 oz (75%)
Height   26 inches (over 97%)            25 inches (97%)                  25 3/4 inches (90%)

Dr. B said that Bryant is "off the charts" for his height.  He bypassed 'Siah by 1 inch.  So, he really is a tall baby! 

Ceili Rain is doing well's her 18 mth stats:
Weight:  24 lbs 15 oz (60%)...this is a good improvement from her 15 month check up.
Height:  32 3/4 inches (80%)...still not as tall as any of her brothers or sister at this age so I remain with my guess that she'll be our petite one! 

She's enjoying being a big sister and loves to give kisses over and over to Bryant.  She also loves baby dolls, her brothers and, in her eyes, Zoe can do no wrong.  She acts as though she is the same age as her older siblings and tries to do everything they do and gets angry when she can't or isn't allowed.  And her favorite song is "Roll over"  which I will have to get on video.  We're working on teaching her "Roll Tide" but she hasn't got that down yet.

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