You Oughta Be in Pictures!

Tracy is perfectly capable and was more than willing to get newborn pictures of Bryant.  So, instead of paying $50 for newborn pictures that have never been extremely amazing.  We asked her to do them.  She took some in the hospital and the next week came over and did some at the house.  She's wonderful!  I got in on the editing side and played with our GIMP and did some color edits.  That was fun and now I'm hooked.  I may not be able to take the best pictures in the world, but I can use someone else's and make them look even cooler!

Rock on! 

This cap was waaay too big for him (it said newborn but his head was just small or something).  Anyway, we managed a good picture.

 And I had to include this one...he was so mad that we kept messing with him and putting stuff on him.

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