More Liamisms...

So, we had friends visit from far, far away last week.  The dad is in the army and worked while here.  He got up the first morning in his army uniform (camo) and came and ate breakfast acting pretty normal.  However, as soon as Liam saw him his eyes got very wide.  He was quiet for awhile and then asked, "Are those your pajamas?"

He was pretty much in awe when I explained that Mr. John was actually in the army and he had to wear that work, etc.  Then Liam decided that meant he was going to fight the "bad guys."   Then I had to explain that Mr. John was a computer army man.  Still didn't lose the awe factor on him though.

A very overly tired Liam on the way to get something to eat:  I'm looking for cars with trees on top of them.

Ace (who somehow knew what he was talking about):  Those are Christmas trees and it's not Christmas.

Liam:  I know.  But they are saving them.

Zoe:  Ohhhh, Because it's Christmas in July in some places.

Me:  Um, Liam wouldn't know that because he can't read.


Liam:  Mommy, do some men marry old ladies?

Me:  Yes, Liam, Daddy did.

(Mark is 20 months younger than me)

Liam:  Mommy, do you remember when Santa got his hair cut off?

Me:  Um, no.

Liam:  You don't remember that story?

Me:  No.

Liam:  I'll tell you.  Remember he killed the lion and then he went to the bad place where that mean woman was.  And he got his hair cut off.

Me:  Oh, yes, I remember when Samson got his hair cut off.

Liam:  Right, that's what I was telling you about.


  1. hahahaha! Only Liam! I love hime! Kev and I laughed out loud!

  2. Those are too cute Abbie! Kids are the funniest people! Love it!