The Bunch

Oh yeah...Tracy got our goofy side...and yes, this is the best we can do...we've got four boys!!!

And again...trying to decide, do I like the one below...
or this one:

Yes, I know Bryant was kind of "back there..." it was the best we could do with a little one who can't sit up...maybe we'll try it again when he's sittable.  I'm taking donations to get him and Ceili Rain new shirts!

Show the love to Tracy please!  She was not feeling well when she came to do some of the pictures but I thought she did an amazing job.  So, if you appreciated having your eyes overloaded with Bryant pictures, let Tracy know by visiting her blog or leaving a comment below!


  1. Tracy, you are awesome, I've been through photo sessions with the Characters, I know how THEY CAN BE . . .just joking. You did a great job!

  2. The pictures were excellent, Tracy. And I absolutely love the shirts...cute, cute, cute!