Bryant's Two Weeks Old

I know everyone is just aching to see how Bryant is growing. The posts last week were from waay back (that would be July) and they got swapped around so we could smather our blog with pictures of Bryant.

And so, thus begins a week of new posts and more on the little BJ.

Of course, to most of you, he's not little...but compared to his brothers and sisters he is!

He had his two week check up on Friday.

Stats include:
10 lbs 1 oz (90%)
22 1/4 inches long (97%)

So he's growing and growing and eating and spitting up and...well, doing the other gross things babies do. His spit up doesn't concern us although it is a lot, it's the choking and gagging during and after feedings that's a little troublesome. It's not enough to really make us worry too much, and he seems to adjust himself fine after an "episode." So, we're just watching. If he has reflux, any medicine he's on will not help with the spit up but will help with the pain and the, because he's not fussy, arching his back or doing other things that go along with really yucky acid reflux, we're just waiting.

I informed Mark that I just simply couldn't have another kid if they were all as difficult as our Bryant...if you've met him, you know I'm completely joking. He is, by far, the most laid back baby we've had yet. He's content to look around. He does get angry when he's hungry, sometimes when he's wet, and sometimes when he's tired. But his tired and wet cries are quickly calmed by being changed or picked up. And of course, the hungry cries go away as soon as he gets what he needs.

I truly wasn't expecting another "easy" baby and I know he's still got a great chance to change and get really grumpy, but right now we're enjoying our four hour sleep stretches and contented little man.

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