Bryant's 1 Month Old!

This weekend, we were fortunate enough (even if it surrounded sad events) to be able to visit with Mark's brother and family.  And Bryant was able to meet his cousin who is a month (to the day) older than him.

Now, the funny thing is that Bryant's quite a bit bigger than Mr. K.  In fact, the only way to tell they are four weeks apart is to try and get their attention.  Mr. K will focus on you and smile and Bryant just continues to search for the light.

So, we took the opportunity to dress them in similar outfits and take pictures.  Enjoy the baby overload!

One day, I'll take the time to edit this one and get our feet (mine, Grandmere and Aunt B's) and the diaper out.  But, I wanted to include this because it's the only picture I got of Mr. K's smile.

Right hook!

This is to show the difference between a fed baby and a hungry baby.  Just in case you don't know the difference!  Bryant had just eaten and Mr. K was about to eat (and was pretty demanding if I do say so myself).  Contrary to this time, they were nursing at about the same times.  Somehow, at the time we wanted to get pictures they were off their schedules (they didn't consult their secretaries I guess).

Yes, I'm playing more with GIMP.  This time I've learned how to do a vignette and how to make pictures look vintage (but I'm still playing with that).  But, it's hard not to take an awesome picture when we have such adorable babies.

By the way, I would like to give a shout out to all the people who told me this weekend that they read my blog (but never leave a comment...ah hem).  So glad you enjoy our antics and my precious blessings!

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  1. Cute pics! playing with editing software is always fun. Love the babies onesies!