Labor Day Essentials #3

Okay, again this is not really an essential but I do believe that feeling comfy and looking cute for post labor pictures is an essential...and since I typically look like I've run ten marathons, feeling comfy was on the top of my list.  And, I know, there are some homebirth moms out there but, for now, I'm not one of them.  I'm a hospital birthing mama.

I saw somewhere on the world wide web these maternity hospital gowns that were made from cute fabric.  They are nice, looked comfortable and ideal for nursing mamas.  Then I saw the price!  Some companies were charging over $100 for these hospital gowns.  Seriously?!  I knew I could make it cheaper but my sewing days were getting a little less and less plus I had to work on getting diapers refurbished to last through Bryant (more on that later).  So I continued my research and came across Pampered Mama.

Pampered Mama not only makes adorable, functional, hospital gowns but they're also affordable.  At $35 a gown you can guess what I chose to do.  And guess what?!  She'll make them custom if you want to pick out your own fabric.  Which is what I chose to do...And I picked out fabric that would coordinate with Bryant's things.  She worked super fast on it and got it to me (even with me shipping her the material) in less than two weeks.  I was impressed with her work and design.

I talked with my friend who is an labor and delivery nurse and asked if she thought I would be "allowed" to wear it (although I've read posts that women said that went au the hospital...through putting something on even if it's not "hospital issue" should not be an issue, right???).  It has snaps at the top on both shoulders for easy hospital access and it ties in the back at the neck and then to the side (which is nice so you' not flapping in the wind should you chose to walk around).  And it has nursing mama access which is super nice.  After labor I can tie it off around my waist for a nice little comfy, modest gown to wear at the hospital. 

So, I'm chalking my new custom hospital gown up as an essential for this particular labor and delivery!  Thanks Pampered Mama for a great gown at a wonderful price!!!

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