How to Wait for a Baby...

Aside from schooling and doing normal child related activities, I'm trying to busy myself with little projects while waiting on Bryant.  Here we have leftover fabric from a nightgown I made for Zoe.  I used a pattern that Grandmere brought and "whipped" this little dress up.  One day, I will actually measure my children and use the correct sizes on the pattern instead of just guessing.  This one I guessed a large based on the weight.  It was too long and too wide and too big all over...lots of adjusting and I was able to make it fit! 

I added the applique after realizing how plain it looked on the front.  I did it using my Cricut and cutting it out of paper and then tracing it on to fusible interfacing stuff.  And then I stitched around it.  All in all...she looked cute I must say!  But chasing a 16 month old to get a better fit...phew!  That was enough to put me into labor.  But it didn't.

I searched on line for a pattern to make a small tote bag to use as a diaper bag.  After talking to my "Sewing Guru," I found this pattern online, for free!  I was feeling crunch time coming on, so I suggested to my Guru to make it and see if it would be easy for me to do.  She obliged and made this cute tote that Ceili Rain is toting around.  She brought it by this weekend for me to check out and I loved it.  Now, I'm waiting to see if she'll let me pay her for it!  It's adorable and just the right fit for a couple of diapers and wipes for CeiRai.  She likes it too...see!

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