Bryant Update-40 Weeks

If you'll notice on my blog page...Bryant's name tag states, "It's go time!"  I have officially been pregnant longer this time than I have with any other pregnancy.  

So, I spent last week in quite a bit of ugly discontented attitude.  Not wanting to do anything and wanting to get him here quickly.  By Thursday, I realized how my attitude was unacceptable and not honoring God.  God also reminded me how blessed I am with my little ones and this little one too.  I gave up the whining and decided to focus on being happy with where God had me right now...and with what I have.  

This weekend has been great and having my best friend come in with her kids this week has been even more fun!  Trust me, pictures will be coming soon.

We are praying, though, that while she is here he makes his appearance.  We shall see.

I had my doctor's appointment today.  I've progressed a little more to 3 1/2 cm and he was able to really strip  my membranes this time.  He left everything up to us.  

With Ace's birthday approaching, Dr. J going out of town, and wanting to make sure grandparents were able to come soon after or before his birth, we scheduled an induction for Friday.  

Now we're praying for a safe and healthy delivery.  With my progression over the past three weeks, we are praying I'll go on my own.  So, please pray that happens (and preferably while our friends are visiting!).

So, stay tuned...Bryant will be here any day now!

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  1. we're eagerly waiting here too! hang in there...and enjoy all your "bonus time"!