Starting Early!

We now have desks for each of the kids.  Well, we have one for each of the four kids who can climb in a chair.  Ceili Rain, lately, has been confiscating crayons and attempting to "write" on everything.  She found a pencil this week and I finally let her have it and set her in the chair to "write" on paper instead of the carpet.  She sat there for at least 30 minutes drawing and then playing with her toddler crayons (they're bulky and supposed to be easy to grip).  My mom informed me that she shouldn't be sitting still staying involved in an activity that long.  Not because it's bad for her but because developmentally she shouldn't be able to.  I know this...but I also know she's a weird kid.  Like her sister and brothers.
And just for all of you freaking out that I am one of "those" parents who start teaching them complex math problems as soon as their out of the womb...don't freak.  We watch our kids for preschool readiness skills and start them off when they're ready (like Liam now knows most of his letters and is fast approaching real phonics time...but I'm waiting until August so that he can really know all of his letters).  I don't believe in pushing them at such young ages but if they show signs of readiness, we jump in and work with them (at their level).  For now, it's fun watching Ceili Rain focus on what she's working on.  Last night, she wanted to draw so I sat her down to do it.  Mark was home and I asked her if she wanted to show daddy.  A few minutes later he came down the steps and she held her paper out to show him.   She had the biggest grin on her face!

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