Meet the Newest of the Bunch...

Please do not despair...we did not go and have Bryant and leave everybody in the dark!  No, no, no...this whole journey started about a month ago when our last cat passed away.

Mark and I were both pretty sad.  He had been with us since before we were married.  He was a good cuddle cat and we're still not used to not having a cat in the house.

However, I've been asking Mark about getting another dog.  Our sweet Sunny girl is fast approaching 9 years old.  She's not a puppy anymore and she won't be here, introducing a new puppy would be nice to give Sunny a companion and also teach her how to be a good family dog for our family.

We had a bunch of travels this past month (pictures to come), so Mark asked me to wait until we got back from our trips before we started looking for a puppy.

I waited, passed up a cutie of a puppy and then waited some more.  Every once in a while, I would surf PetFinder and narrow down what I thought could be a potential add on to our bunch.  This one little puppy and two of her siblings kept showing up.  I just knew someone would want to adopt her or them.  They were fluffy and puppy cute and adorable.  But, I waited.

This past week was designated as "the week" to look for a puppy.  Our plan was to go to a local pet store where they hold adoptions for a local pet rescue foundation on Saturday.  We didn't make it.

Petfinder got the best of me, and we contacted an agency that had the fluffy adorable puppies I had seen.  They were an hour away but we checked to see if they might be able to meet us halfway to look at the puppies.  I completed an adoption form and then was contacted by the foster mom.  She wanted to come by with the puppy we had our eye on and her siblings for us to choose from.  We set up a meeting for Thursday afternoon.  I could kick myself for not getting pictures of those puppies...but I didn't.  I thought there were only three of them.  There were six.  How do you choose a puppy for your family out of six???

She brought them out one by one and put them in a portable fence and we were able to play with and look at each.  The last one she brought out was the one I had seen online.  Fluffy, adorable, and when she handed her to me, she stayed put.  Content to sit in my lap.  Mark and Ace found another puppy they just loved.  Mark tried to pick him up and hold him but he just wouldn't stay still.  Quite energetic.  I picked up one of the others and let the Calm One in with her siblings.  She just sat down and rested.  I also noticed she was the smallest of them all. 

The foster mom shared that the puppies were found on the side of the road with their mom and a litter of pit bull puppies.  The mom was almost dead and was trying to nurse both litters.  The puppies didn't look too hot either.  It's nice to see that they are all growing and thriving now.  The foster mom also told us that the Calm One was the most gentle and laid back of the bunch.  She sounded like our match.

But there was more would Sunny respond to a new puppy.  We went inside with the Calm One and let Sunny in from the back yard.  She went up, sniffed, and walked away to get petted.  We put the Calm One down, and Sunny again sniffed, wagged her tail, and then walked away.

This was our dog!

So, without further Ginger!
Yes, she's tiny.  She's part cattle dog and part...hmmm???  She is pretty gentle but playful too. She loves to trip us up when we walk and nip at our heels (a puppy trait that is being dealt with).
She also loves to chase and play with the kids.  The first day we had her, she wouldn't go to sleep until we were all in bed...she slept all night.  She was sooo tired from playing with and listening to the kids.

And my belly is a good puppy prop to escape kids!  

Ceili Rain is our most timid child and we were slightly worried about her reaction.  She was a little shy but eventually started petting Ginger.  Now, she'll follow her around and pet her and say, "Puppy!"  They do adore each other!

The rescue agency we went with was Old Fella Burke County Animal Rescue.  And they were wonderful!  I really appreciated the kindness and speed at which we were able to get through this adoption (all the speed caught Mark off guard a little!)!  So if you live near me and are looking for a puppy/dog or other pet, check out their website.

But seriously, our next addition will be Bryant!  So, stay tuned in a few weeks to see our newest human addition.

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