Thanksgiving 2009

As if we haven't traveled enough in November, we decided to venture out again for Thanksgiving.    My nausea also began to pick up this week, which made Thanksgiving not as much fun as I would have wanted it...but I survived and managed to down the turkey, dressing, and other yummy goodies.

We were so excited to be able to visit with family again, including B&B and their kids.  I believe this shot, above, was taken shortly before Zoe tried to catch the ball with her mouth...and then with her finger tips.  Neither one was successful and the latter resulted in jammed fingers.  I've never seen a knuckle get that big or that blue that quickly.  She was pretty much fine after about an hour and lots of ice.  I wasn't convinced and made her (okay tried to make her) sit through lunch with ice on it.  By the next day, however, the swelling was down some and she could move it with very little pain...she's a tough ol' cookie.

We were thrilled that Ceili Rain is opening up more to her extended family.  She let Papa carry her around for a good while.

One of our twin nephews.  Now, when we visited with them a couple of weeks ago N cuddled up with me.  However, here is TJ.  TJ is not a cuddler but for some reason when he got up from his nap Thanksgiving morning he cuddled up with me and then with Mark.  Ahhh, it was great!

Liam found a ladybug but he let it jump off before I could get a picture, so Ace got it to crawl up on  him for a photo op.

Thanksgiving afternoon while I took a long nap with Josiah, Liam had a captive audience.  When I woke up, I came upstairs to find he had cornered Aunt G and Uncle D and was having them read him books and talking about all sorts of things.  He really is a big adult in a little boy's body.

Thanksgiving afternoon we headed to visit MamaM, Mark's grandmother (Papa's mom).  The kids enjoyed visiting and we bribed Ceili Rain to sit and visit by feeding her cheerios.  Such an obedient little baby.

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