Sweet Like Sister

First of all...Don't deny it...she's adorable!!!

Secondly, I found this dress while sorting, tossing, and repacking all the kids clothes. It was given to Zoe by a precious family friend. Now, if you know anything about me, I'll take handmade gifts over anything store bought any day. There's just something about someone giving you something that they put together with their precious hands that totally makes me get full of warm fuzzies! You know they care and want to show you that...that's special.

Anyway, this dress was made by our family friend for Zoe as a baby and I absolutely loved it. It's a beautiful white dress with ever so light pink decorative stitching around it. Now we got another little one wearing it. Ahhh!

And third, after months of obsessing over the photos over here, Mark (the computer guy, also known as my main squeeze), has figured out how I can do it on his operating system (linux) using a photo editing program! Yippee...he's going to see if it runs on my rusty rickety Windows as well. Anyway, give me your opinion about the "blurs" in the above photographs. I'm still playing around with the program trying to get the right look/design that will work...I guess it's just going to depend on the photos and what's going on. Mainly, for these, I was trying to fuzz out the mounds of clothes going to consignment! I think I like the very top one the best.

I love this little heavenly handful in her heartily handmade dress!

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