I'm Chikn Enuff for Free Food!

So, we participated in National Cow Appreciation Day last Friday and dressed up for free food...all of us except for the one who has no teeth to eat chicken and always gets her meals free.

I wish I had gotten a better picture, but they were hungry, it was crazy, and when we started dressing them they just wanted more and more stuff. I really thought we'd have a couple of kids who didn't want to dress up. I was wrong. They all wanted spots and signs and ears. Liam wanted cow fee, so I made a couple for his hands. I dressed in all black with white spots (don't think that I'm not too scared to make a fool of myself for free food). Mark had on a white shirt with black spots and put them on his jeans as well. Josiah was the only protester, but Mark managed to get a spot on his back. We spent $4 to get a milkshake...that was it folks!

What's really funny is Mark and I made a deal that we wouldn't go out to eat this month, unless it was free. Ta da!

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