The Go Fish Guys Rockin' It...part two

And yet more pictures of our concert with Go Fish! I know ya'll may be getting sick of seeing and reading about them...but what a great group of guys who are dedicated to sharing God's word boldly with kids but also to make sure parents are involved and they have fun!

I believe this is Jamie doing a pose during the song, Superhero...not quite sure, since two of them are's kind of like trying to tell my nephews apart.

Ace being a super hero!

Sorry, Tracy about putting this in there, but this was the only good picture of Ceili Rain (love the eyes), and Josiah's in the background brushing his teeth to "Jammies."
I couldn't quite get the kids giving them high fives...I believe this is Andy.

If our "little old people" that weren't there saw this...ooh we'd be in so much trouble...that's Jamie up on the pews singing. Josiah's hanging out with our friend Kevin.

The four older "kids" were the Go Fish Dancers all week. They did some crazy things like wearing goofy 80s clothes and silly hats to freeze framing while the coordinators got up to talk. They had a great time with the kids, too! The other kids were chosen on Friday during VBS to help "represent."

Toward the end, the week caught up with Josiah and he passed out.

ENCORE!!! Go Fish came out and sang "American Kid!"

These were the only kids that were awake enough to get their picture made with Go Fish!

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