You Remind Me of Someone I Know

Saturday night, a friend and I had an impromptu outing. Every once in a while, when one of us is stressed or needs to get out and talk, we'll wait until after the kids are in bed and then meet up for some "coffee." I don't really drink coffee and she prefers hot tea, so we head out.

First of all, there is only one coffee house that actually stays open past 8 o'clock in our town. That's frustrating...but the most frustrating thing is that there are only a few places to sit in said coffee house. So, we headed to the coffee house that is in Target...Starbucks. This is good for several reasons...we could shop if we wanted/needed to...they close Target at 10 so they kick us out at that time and we actually have to leave...otherwise, I think we'd talk for a long time.

Anyway, as we were walking to our cars, a lady stopped me and said, "You have a twin. You look just like So And So. I thought you were her and then you stood up." Apparently, she noticed my bulging belly. "Anyway, then I realized you couldn't be her. She's 45 and never been married."

So, I was driving home and my vain self kicked in and said, "Abbie, she just compared you to a 45 year old single lady."

Oh my goodness...I panicked as much as I do about that stuff and wondered if I really look 45. I mean sometimes I feel that way, but do I really look that much older??? Luckily, I will be getting a 30 something year old mom haircut this week. And the hair dye will come on as soon as Ceili Rain is born...maybe that will help "bridge the age gap!"

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  1. :) :)
    I swore I'd never dye my hair and that I would always be "au natural". THen the gray really came out and since gray isn't a color and my sister couldn't dye it all gray to match, Joni decided that the caramel would work better.
    AND----you don't look 45!!!!