So there!

Josiah's had a runny nose for almost two weeks now...chronic runny nose and then we noticed on Thursday that he had a lot of ear wax coming out of one of his ears. So, to be on the safe side, and to get rid of the obvious sinus infection, I took him in to the doctor on Friday.

As we waited to be called back the kids entertained themselves with the new video game and the tv. They were quiet and having a generally fun time. There was one other family in there with sick child/ren and that was it. So, when they called Josiah's name, the sick room cleared out.

The grandmother who was with the mom (because she had like two children and that's just too much to handle at the doctor's office...sorry for the digression and sarcasm...but seriously...needing help with two children at the doctor's office...come one!) had to remark, "Oh my gosh...are they all with you?! Bless your heart. They sure are good." See, when they called Josiah back I said his name and all four got up and left the room without whining or complaining. They know the routine, we've been there so often!

I was nice and just smiled a little smile and shephereded them to the nurse. As we walked out of the room, however, Josiah turned around and blew them a big ol' kiss!

I don't have to say anything now...they'll do it for me! He, he, he!

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