Just a few things...

1. No one has thrown up in over 24 hours! Let's keep it going kids...or not really going...I mean staying down...yeah, that sounds better.
2. I need an explanation as to why an item I purchased and was shipped on January 14th is still not here. It was shipped priority mail with delivery confirmation that states it's sitting in a warehouse in Atlanta...and has been there since January 15th. Can anyone say most frustrating??? They get until February 15th and then I'm calling it quits and eating my money (since USPS won't do anything) and getting another (it's Ceili Rain's cuddly and one for back up) somewhere else and not having it shipped through USPS!
3. Still no news on what we are going to do about our adoption and country. Lots of praying going on there...which for me is hard since I want to know now, right now, what God wants us to do (big sign with bright flashy lights would work great!). But we're praying and waiting...
4. Why is it that on Mondays my children think that pulling out all toys and scattering them across all rooms is okay...just Mondays mind you. And that when I say, "School Time" it means scream and yell and cry and be generally grumpy...this is all on Mondays, now...the rest of the week we're good to go!

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  1. Sorry about your package. If you don't get it, I sell for a personalization company called Initial Grace. The website is www.initialgrace.com. We have Cuddle Critters that are really soft. The baby stuff starts on page 14 of the catalog. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Lana Turner Parker