I'm Addicted

Yesterday, I read about a free thing where you can "create" your own "radio station" (don't you just love my overuse of quotation marks??). Anyway, it's called Pandora. You can't download the music, but you can type in an artist and based on what you type in, the site creates music for you to listen to. So far, I have a Sara Groves station and a Toby Mac station. I'm working on a Worship station too. If there is a selection you don't like, then you just thumbs down it and it "learns" what you like and don't like and plays that music. Very cool! And great to listen to while I'm trying to get stuff done on the computer! Check it out!


  1. I've had this on my phone but it will not work if anything else is running. I didn't use it much bc not home on computer a lot but I kept it on my iTunes account. Seemed pretty cool:) glad eveyone is better love ya Erin

  2. Oh my goodness!!! Craig found Pandora for us several months ago and we love it!!!!