Christmas 2008

So, two weeks late, here are our Christmas pictures!

Ace got a bow and arrow as his Santa gift. It's not a "real" one but it did come with arrows with rubber tips. I thought it was pretty though.

Just a cute Josiah picture.

Zoe asked for a scooter from Santa for her Santa gift this year. In fact, she's been asking for a scooter since last Christmas. She was doing pretty good on it...the fifteen minutes she had to ride it before it started raining again.

Liam opening gifts and talking and generally grumpy because we were out of our routine.

Josiah's Santa gift was a ball pit. This, obviously, is not the inflatable kind but a Playhut one that can fold up. We added one hundred balls to it, but it still needs about a hundred more to really make it fun. Josiah didn't care. He loved it!

Zoe showing off gifts.

Liam's Santa was three toys with lots of parts to put together with either a hand turned screwdriver or a battery powered one. He really enjoyed taking the toys apart (the screwdriver had reverse on it) and putting them together.

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