Okay, so in our neighborhood church marquees are popular. So are sticking up cute/funny little sayings on them. Our church doesn't have such a sign, and I would be rather annoyed if they did. The past week, two churches near us have posted some sayings that just don't make sense to me. Oh sure, you could argue this is what it means or "they must have meant that by it." But let's face it, you have no more clue what they mean and neither do I!

So, here's the signs and my commentary behind them:

"Jesus loves you, but I'm His favorite." Ummm, okay, this inanimate, non human sign thinks that Jesus loves it more than me??? And, if this sign is talking about the person who put the letters up, boy, they better watch out! I think it says "For God so loved the world..." (Emphasis mine)

Next up: "The only people who enjoy Christmas are sinners." So, what you're saying is those people who are depressed, going through tough times, don't believe in celebrating the season for religious reasons (historical ones), and the general Scrooge's are perfect?? I think I might disagree with that statement.

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