Alas, Poor Freddie

It seems our sweet beta fish has bit the dust...or is swimming with the fishes...okay, he's dead as a doornail (to quote Dickens). Mark discovered he had "met his Maker" this evening when he got home and Liam went to feed him. Oddly, he's laying on the bottom of the fish bowl not floating toward the top.

He made it a long eleven months and my sporadic feeding and Mark's sporadic bowl cleaning has left him gone.

We've sorta kinda told the kids and I'm sure I'll have the pleasure of explaining it tomorrow...and this, dear brother-in-law is why we don't need to get chickens right now :) Maybe later, when we can keep a beta fish alive for more than a year, we'll see! Although, we do see an advantage in having our own eggs...I digress...this is supposed to be a eulogy for poor Freddie the Fish.

Farewell Freddie Fish (love the alliteration)...we loved casually glancing at you when we remembered you were there.

(Hey, at least I haven't killed the cats, dog, or kids...course they remind you when they need to be fed)

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  1. Dear sweet Sister-in-law,

    We have also trod this fishy path... our little blue Beta Bluie even used to go on trips with us... he was a good van rider. However, when Bluie #1's days were over, we (the parents) were the first to notice and thus were able to acquire Bluie #2 just in the nick of time! (We just kept calling him Bluie for short)
    If I remember correctly, Bluie #2's time also came on the conclusion of a trip away from home in which he was not taken (he did not travel as well as #1, at least that's what I decided when I got tired of toting him around).