Two Weeks Ago

Two weeks ago today, we found out that our fifth (actually sixth) blessing would be a girl! Yippee, Ceili Rain is on her way. Now we are busily preparing "the girls" room for a new little girl...more on that next week.

Also, two weeks ago, I was busy at a ladies' night at church, when Zoe accepted Christ! Calling home to tell Mark I was on my way, he exclaimed, "Your daughter's heading to heaven."

My first thoughts were not good ones and I didn't associate his statement with her eternal state but just her present physical state. After catching my breath and stepping back on the gas, and Mark apologizing profusely, I realized what he meant.

He told me that after family worship that night, she told him that she needed to ask Jesus in her heart. That took him by surprise, but he quickly put the boys to bed and sat down with her to talk about all the reasons she felt she needed to do this now. According to Mark, she was pretty firm on the sin in her heart and her great need for Jesus to fill up her life and for God to forgive her of her sins.

We are still feeling so blessed by God that He called her out at such a young age to follow Him. Definitely nothing, we've done. We've shared Christ with her when she's asked about salvation, eternal life, and the most important to a little she can be a princess like mommy (we are adopted by Jesus, the King of Kings...see...princess).

I talked with her in the morning and she was pretty set that she had accepted Christ. She shared with me what that meant and was so excited.

So, we're giving God all the glory for our sweet girl's eternal decision to follow Christ. I've waited for two weeks to share, because I thought Mark might want to share, but then I finally asked him and he said I could share.

She has a new Bible and a real Bible cover which she thinks is cool. We are seeing little fruits coming up as she is learning more about self-control and already growing in Christ. She is being discipled by us through a neat study called, I'm a Christian Now. Our church requires children to complete this study before being baptized, which we are glad that she isn't just "dunked" and moves on. She is learning what a life changing decision she has made and how important it is to follow through with God's commands, including baptism.

I can't wait to see what God has in store for her as He reveals His glory and presence in her life!

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  1. Congratulations to you and Mark AND Zoe!!! There is nothing like your child telling they need God. All of our boys were 4--not sure how they planned that:) Luke told me driving into town one day and we had to pull over! Ian wanted to know why he couldn't take communion and I talked and prayed with him right during passing out the juice! Josiah was our simplest and the only one that Paul got to partake in--I actually wasn't even home. That was so special for him.