Turning a Corner

I hesitate to post this, because I don't want Liam to turn another corner and go back to his old self. However, Mark and I are so excited that it seems that Liam is turning a corner with his sleeping. He no longer screams, kicks, yells, and fights us when it's nap time or night time. He actually just lays down and goes to sleep like his brothers and sister! We are thrilled. I think a lot of it is maturity, and the rest is the consistency we've had with him. Up until this weekend, Mark would sit outside his door and have to go in every few minutes to discipline him. Up until this week , I would have to lay down with him for nap time to keep him from beating up Ace or running rampant through the house. Now, I can sit and do my Bible study while I wait on him to fall asleep. Ahhh!

He's also doing a little better with potty training. I know I haven't posted awhile on this...as it's still ongoing. Currently, I am potty trained, which means, I send him at certain times during the day (not set times, just when I remember, now, really). I've noticed a couple times this past week where he will go potty without me having to tell him. Of course, the #2 is pretty much completely potty trained, but #1 is still a work in progress. I'm excited that he's actually going more frequently without me having to tell him. I hope it keeps up.

His behavior is slowly getting better and he's turning into quite a cuddler. He hugged and loved on me a lot this past weekend. He is still pretty argumentative, and can be quite disobedient, but we're starting to see a more loveable, sweeter little boy emerge! He's been getting a few compliments in his classes at church, too. That makes it so much nicer.

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