Living Differently...

I've really heard a lot lately, through Bible study and a Bible conference at church and now this, about living differently. You may know what I'm talking about, but I know I need reminding a lot. It's about living for Christ... set apart..."in the world/not of the world." I want people to look at my life and not just question whether I'm a Christian but know it. I guess I can whine and complain about how hard it is to live differently in a country so saturated with whatever we need and want right at our fingertips. But I've been challenged. And Ali's post has challenged me even more. I started reading this blog over a week ago and I get something from each of her humble posts. Ali is a nurse on a Mercy ship. Mercy ships are all over the world and are the largest non-military hospital ships made. They share Jesus through treating the sick and those in need. She has served this past year off the coast of Liberia. All I have to say is, may people be able to really look at my life and say, "And that is how I know you are Chrisitans. This is God's work here." Read it if you get a chance. It's not too long.

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  1. "They will know we are Christian's by our love"