Just thought I'd share...

I'm wondering if people realize that our next president is not, in fact, black...nor is he full-blooded African-American...he's bi-racial. His mama was/is Caucasian. And his father is not African-American. He's African. Let's get this straight people!!! However, historically, he is the first bi-racial president in office. And yes, I consider that to be historical...and that's about it.

Here's something my mom shared with me from someone she heard yesterday. Apparently a speaker made a statement about thinking about what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s reaction would be when he learned that people voted for the color of a person's skin and not his character. I believe the speaker my mom heard surmised that it would set back all of the work that Dr. King strove for...where it's not the color of a person's skin but who they are that counts. Personally, that's what Mark and I had discussed earlier...we didn't notice his skin color but what he said (and mostly what he didn't say) he would do as president.

We're praying that God would work to protect and lead our family and our country during these next four years...and of course, since He is Sovereign, His will will be done, no matter who's in charge of our our country.

'Nuff said about this election. Feel free to stop reading my blog if you must or just send comments my way (remember they're moderated...my blog/my prerogative).


  1. Can't stop reading, especially when I agree with you.

    Well said!

  2. Chris and I had a very similar conversation Tuesday night. Seems there are more than just you two who feel that people didn't really look at the issues/just the color.

  3. It's quite possible that the comment your Mom heard came from Rick Burgess or someone who heard him as I did. If I heard him correctly, he said he made that statement on a spot at Fox and Friends on Wednesday morning. He also reminded us that there was no historic 'celebration' when a black man was put on the Supreme Court or a black woman became Secretary of State. The conclusion being that only liberal mindsets gain status and warrant 'celebration'. GM

  4. Since I live in liberal Philadelphia, PA, I will comment about what I've seen up here from the Blue voters this year. As you point out, there are many that voted for Obama just because of the color of his skin. They voted for the very first time because they finally felt that they had a candidate of their own.

    However, there were many of my classmates, colleagues, co-workers, and friends who chose to vote for Obama because they listened to what he said and liked it. They also preferred his platform over McCain's, and a few chose to vote Democratic because of a strong desire *not* to let someone with views like Sarah Palin's take an office that could potentially influence laws and policies that affect their lives.

    I am ashamed to know people who voted Red and Blue simply because of the color of Obama's skin. I am further ashamed at some of the terrible comments people on either side have made regarding this election. But I am proud to know that whether Obama or McCain won, the man leading our country for the next four years is one that loves our country and wants to help it succeed in ways it never has before. Both men love God, love their families, and love this country, and I would have been satisfied either way this election turned out.